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The P.ACT Partnership Co-Design Toolkit: A Framework for Collaboration

Dr. David Alkaher


In today's rapidly evolving world, collaboration has become more complex than ever. With multiple stakeholders, each with their unique objectives, cultures, and methodologies, coming together to achieve shared goals, there's a pressing need for a structured approach to partnership design. Enter the P.ACT Partnership Co-Design Toolkit, a comprehensive framework that addresses these challenges head-on.

The P.ACT Partnership Co-Design Toolkit was born out of the intricacies of modern collaborations. It is firmly rooted in the principles of co-design, emphasizing mutual respect, open dialogue, and iterative collaboration. The toolkit offers a structured approach to partnership design, ensuring alignment in objectives, clarity in roles, and the ability to navigate the challenges that arise in collaboration.

P.ACT Partnership Co-Design Toolkit

Framework of the P.ACT Toolkit

The toolkit is structured around four core stages:

P.ACT Partnership Co-Design Toolkit

Learn: A stage of discovery and understanding. Partners come together to explore motivations, capabilities, and organizational cultures. Through open dialogue, they share perspectives, aspirations, and concerns, ensuring mutual understanding of expectations.

P.ACT Partnership Co-Design Toolkit

Imagine: Building on the foundation of understanding, partners converge on a shared vision for the collaboration. They define the partnership's value proposition, its intended impact, and the partnership model they aim to establish.

P.ACT Partnership Co-Design Toolkit

Create: With a clear vision, the partnership begins to materialize. Partners outline specific activities, define roles and responsibilities, and establish a governance structure to guide their collaboration.

P.ACT Partnership Co-Design Toolkit

Evaluate: Accountability is paramount. Partners decide how value and costs will be distributed and set metrics and mechanisms to monitor the partnership's performance.

Detailed Summary of P.ACT Components

1. Learn: Laying the Foundation

  • Purpose: Discovery, understanding, and alignment.

  • Key Activities: Open dialogues to understand motivations and organizational cultures.

  • Outcome: Clear understanding of expectations, setting the stage for a partnership built on mutual respect and trust.

2. Imagine: Visioning the Future

  • Purpose: Shaping dreams into a shared vision.

  • Key Activities: Co-creation of a shared vision statement, identification of beneficiaries, and defining value.

  • Outcome: Aligned vision for the future.

3. Create: Crafting the Blueprint

  • Purpose: Transforming ideas into actionable plans.

  • Key Activities: Outlining key activities, defining roles, and establishing a governance structure.

  • Outcome: Clear operational blueprint.

4. Evaluate: Ensuring Accountability

  • Purpose: Keeping the partnership results-oriented.

  • Key Activities: Discussing value distribution, establishing KPIs, and setting up review mechanisms.

  • Outcome: Tools and mechanisms to track progress and ensure accountability.

The following table provides a structured overview of the P.ACT Partnership Co-Design Toolkit, categorizing each tool under its respective stage and capturing its purpose through the key question it addresses.

P.ACT Partnership Co-Design Toolkit

P.ACT Partnership Co-Design Toolkit

How I4T-Group Can Assist

I4T-Group, with its commitment to fostering a culture of growth and transformative change, is perfectly positioned to assist organizations in implementing the P.ACT Partnership Co-Design Toolkit. With expertise in innovation and transformation, I4T-Group can provide guidance in navigating the complexities of modern collaborations. Whether it's facilitating open dialogues, crafting shared visions, or ensuring accountability, I4T-Group brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record to the table. By leveraging the P.ACT Toolkit in collaboration with I4T-Group's expertise, organizations can unlock the full potential of their partnerships, driving growth and achieving shared goals.


The P.ACT Partnership Co-Design Toolkit is more than just a framework; it's a roadmap to successful collaboration in today's complex world. With its structured approach and emphasis on co-design principles, it ensures that partnerships are built on a foundation of mutual respect, understanding, and shared objectives. And with the support of I4T-Group, organizations can navigate the path of collaboration with confidence and clarity.

P.ACT Partnership Co-Design Toolkit

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