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A Design Sprint Workshop for Tackling Complex Challenges:


1 Day

About the Activity

Design Sprint Workshop for Tackling Complex Challenges

Rationale - Resolving issues in a competitive environment, laden with complexities, constraints, changes, crises, and challenges, necessitates managers in many organizations to acquire unique skills, thinking and action abilities.

The aim of the workshop - Active engagement in a systematic process of designing viable solutions for complex problems, using the Design Sprint approach for challenges directly related to their fields of operation.


Gain practical experience in the Design Sprint methodology.

Develop a viable solution to a complex problem.

Encourage collaborative problem-solving and innovative thinking among the team.

Get immediate feedback on proposed solutions before making significant investments in development.

By engaging in this Design Sprint workshop, the managerial tier will not only gain hands-on experience in tackling complex problems systematically but also foster a culture of collaborative problem-solving and innovative thinking within the organization. The practice with the Design Sprint methodology could provide a robust framework for addressing future challenges in a structured, effective manner.


Your Instructor

Dr. David Alkaher

Dr. David Alkaher

David is the founder and CEO of I4T (Innovation 4 Transformation), founded the Defense College for Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Transformation and the Innovation and Corporate Defense Transformation Research Institute. He founded the 1st innovation center and incubation program within the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), and led innovation development within the Israeli Air Force's Materiel Directorate (IAF) as a CTO. David holds a Ph.D in mechanical engineering (specializing AI and robotics) an MSc in Aerospace (swarm intelligence and missile development) and a BSc in Electrical engineering (networks communication and protocols). Highly experienced with managing interdisciplinary teams, international projects and ventures, developing R&D processes, and implementing mechanisms for accelerating rapid force design within organizations.

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