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Training for Change Management and Implementation of Applied Innovation in Organizations


2 Days

About the Activity

Training Managers/Commanders as part of Senior Management Training

The goal of the training is to enhance the managerial abilities of managers advancing to senior management positions by acquiring practical concepts, theories, and applicable tools, aiming to transform the units and organizations under their command into innovative and adaptable entities.

Rationale - Practical and applicable training for managerial levels taking responsibility for an organizational unit, designing culture and mechanisms within the unit they are entrusted with, and acquiring tools for managing the unit innovatively.

Key Functions of the Target Population:

  • Management and commitment to evolving processes in a complex world - Planning, designing, and managing medium and long-term processes, and road mapping for organizational capacity building in a complex and uncertainty-rich environment.

  • Effective innovation system management - The necessity of establishing and managing an innovation system within the organization as a solid base for its growth and adaptability. A system that accelerates organizational renewal through opportunity flow management.

  • Cultivating and supporting a culture of initiative - Designing common values, beliefs, behaviors, and a work environment that encourages intra-organizational innovation within the unit. Innovation driving engagement, daring, risk-taking, active participation in organizational development, and securing its future.

  • Designing the organization as an 'enabling platform' - Designing and composing core organizational processes internally (within the unit) and externally (between the unit and organizational partners) aligned with the unit's tasks. These processes include routines, mechanisms, and pathways.

  • The extended organization (cross-organizational partnerships) - Establishing a communal approach to intra and inter-organizational cooperative management, encouraging multidimensionality, sharing, and access to knowledge, exploiting intellectual assets and resources, aligned with the organization’s vision and goals.

  • Renewal management - Measuring and creating incentives (value-based and systemic) for innovation achievements, support and recognition for initiators, innovative behaviors, and innovative initiatives.

  • Systematic initiation and projection of new capabilities - Active partnership in initiating capacity-building processes.

Upon completion of the training, graduates will be able to:

  • Understand the language of applied organizational innovation.

  • Generate a personalized organizational diagnosis - including aspects of culture (Schein model) and mechanisms (based on the fundamental principles of ISO 56002).

  • Construct an applicable work plan (Dublin model) for innovative management of organizational units.


Your Instructor

Dr. David Alkaher

Dr. David Alkaher

David is the founder and CEO of I4T (Innovation 4 Transformation), founded the Defense College for Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Transformation and the Innovation and Corporate Defense Transformation Research Institute. He founded the 1st innovation center and incubation program within the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), and led innovation development within the Israeli Air Force's Materiel Directorate (IAF) as a CTO. David holds a Ph.D in mechanical engineering (specializing AI and robotics) an MSc in Aerospace (swarm intelligence and missile development) and a BSc in Electrical engineering (networks communication and protocols). Highly experienced with managing interdisciplinary teams, international projects and ventures, developing R&D processes, and implementing mechanisms for accelerating rapid force design within organizations.

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