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Training for Chief Innovation Officers (CINO) for Effective Innovation Management in Organizations


7 Meetings

About the Activity

About the Training:

The primary objective of this training is to prepare the target audience to establish and manage innovation systems within their organizations.

Rationale: The training is structured in alignment with international standards that focus on quality and innovation management in organizations. It aims to equip participants with the necessary tools, skills, and critical knowledge for setting up sustainable innovation management systems.

Key Topics Covered in the Training:

  • Establishment and Operation of Innovation Management Systems: Understand the foundational principles and best practices for setting up and running innovation systems.

  • Institutional Innovation: This focuses on developing an organization's infrastructure and doesn't directly deal with the development of innovative products or breakthrough services. The goal of institutional innovation is to ensure the organization's survival, resilience, and momentum by investing in various dimensions, including organizational transformations and strengthening the organization's core capabilities.

  • Organizational Innovation: This pertains to an organization's ability to break existing paradigms and lead disruptive processes. It's a strategic process that examines and designs the existing organizational system, products, or services, ensuring its resilience in a changing environment.

  • Applied Innovation: Organizations can implement innovation on two fronts: developing existing products or services and innovating organizational development and supporting processes. Either way, the ability to produce relevant, systematic, and effective innovation, culminating in enhancing the organization's value, depends on the existence of a well-managed organizational 'innovation system'.

Participants of the Training Will:

  • Receive a personal copy of the ISO 56002 standard (mandatory purchase of the standard).

  • Conduct a comprehensive organizational assessment of innovation maturity in the organizations they oversee.

  • Formulate a work plan for establishing an innovation management system in the organization they are responsible for.

Graduates of the Training Will Be Able To:

  • Establish, anchor, and manage innovation systems within the organizations they oversee.

  • Embed innovation as a central tool in their operations.

  • Promote key challenges in their organizations through a framework of internal and open innovation.

  • Manage an innovation portfolio to accelerate innovative solutions for core operational challenges.

  • Conduct internal audits and innovation management surveys in the organizations they oversee.

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This comprehensive training offers Chief Innovation Officers a holistic understanding of innovation management, aligning with globally recognized standards like ISO 56002. Participants will be adept at breaking existing paradigms, leading disruptive processes, and designing resilient systems, ensuring their organizations remain at the forefront of their industries. The program emphasizes both the theoretical and practical aspects of innovation, empowering CINOs to implement tangible changes that lead to real-world improvements in products, services, and processes. By fostering a culture of open innovation, they can drive collaboration both internally and externally, tapping into diverse perspectives for breakthrough solutions. Additionally, the skills acquired from this training not only enhance decision-making and organizational resilience but also position leaders for advanced roles in top-tier organizations. In essence, this training equips CINOs to champion innovation strategies effectively, ensuring growth, competitiveness, and long-term success for their organizations.


Your Instructor

Dr. David Alkaher

Dr. David Alkaher

David is the founder and CEO of I4T (Innovation 4 Transformation), founded the Defense College for Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Transformation and the Innovation and Corporate Defense Transformation Research Institute. He founded the 1st innovation center and incubation program within the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), and led innovation development within the Israeli Air Force's Materiel Directorate (IAF) as a CTO. David holds a Ph.D in mechanical engineering (specializing AI and robotics) an MSc in Aerospace (swarm intelligence and missile development) and a BSc in Electrical engineering (networks communication and protocols). Highly experienced with managing interdisciplinary teams, international projects and ventures, developing R&D processes, and implementing mechanisms for accelerating rapid force design within organizations.

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