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Training for Distinctively Excellent Population in Systematic Entrepreneurship


11 Meetings

About the Activity

Training for Junior Managers / Commanders and Distinct Excellence Population

The objective of the training is to embed the values of entrepreneurship and innovation as a routine among junior commanders and managers to strengthen the intra-organizational innovation community.

Rationale: Providing tools and skills for a distinct population with entrepreneurial potential, to drive intra-organizational initiatives systematically.

Key Topics Emphasized in the Training:

  • Entrepreneurship: Understanding entrepreneurial DNA, what entrepreneurship entails, its relation to innovation, theories of innovation, types and intensities of innovation. Addressing conservatism, when to change, and how to define desired change.

  • Entrepreneurship as a Growth Engine: Discussing factors aiding the embedding of innovation in a complex organizational system, and the importance of entrepreneurship for national resilience.

  • The Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurial Team: Learning about entrepreneurs who broke the barrier of possibility, characteristics defining an entrepreneur, what drives them, how they think and act. Addressing the need for breaking thinking patterns against fixed thinking, dealing with limiting beliefs, and how to break them. Discussing the necessity of forming entrepreneurial teams, how to assemble them, and operate within them.

  • Embedding Change: Discussing cultural fixations and organizational barriers creating difficulty and intra-organizational conflict for change processes. Emphasizing the importance of a change-enabling culture, encouraging entrepreneurs to rise and lead change. How to drive changes, increase awareness and necessity for change within the organization, and how to neutralize opposition to changes. Discussing measuring the innovation potential of organizations as an indicator to accelerate intra-organizational entrepreneurship processes.

  • Systematic Forecasting of Initiatives: Discussing the process of forecasting a product or service, covering the entire value chain from the need stage to the specification stage, creativity processes, design thinking, inventive and systematic thinking, user experience design. Discussing the concept of Minimal-Viable-Product, Design Sprint methodology, designing the entrepreneurial success story, copywriting, marketing writing, and pitching.

Outcomes of the Training:

  • Participants will experience a guided cracking of a simulated entrepreneurial project, and subsequently, they will have the opportunity to work on an entrepreneurial project relevant to the unit from which they came.

  • The outputs of the entrepreneurial project will be presented in a joint panel for trainees and the managers/commanders forum.

This training program is designed to equip the participants with practical knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within their respective units or departments. By engaging in both simulated and real entrepreneurial projects, the participants will gain hands-on experience that will be valuable in driving innovation within the organization.


Your Instructor

Dr. David Alkaher

Dr. David Alkaher

David is the founder and CEO of I4T (Innovation 4 Transformation), founded the Defense College for Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Transformation and the Innovation and Corporate Defense Transformation Research Institute. He founded the 1st innovation center and incubation program within the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), and led innovation development within the Israeli Air Force's Materiel Directorate (IAF) as a CTO. David holds a Ph.D in mechanical engineering (specializing AI and robotics) an MSc in Aerospace (swarm intelligence and missile development) and a BSc in Electrical engineering (networks communication and protocols). Highly experienced with managing interdisciplinary teams, international projects and ventures, developing R&D processes, and implementing mechanisms for accelerating rapid force design within organizations.

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