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01 Strategic consulting for Organizational Innovation
  1. Organizations that foster a culture of innovation are more likely to adapt to new technologies, market trends, competitive environment, and customer needs. They are also more likely to attract and retain top talent, as employees are drawn to organizations that value their input and provide opportunities for growth and development. 

  2. A ‘culture of innovation’ is a work environment framework that encourages and supports creativity, experimentation, lifelong learning, and risk-taking. It is a leadership-based mindset that values new ideas and approaches, and is willing to challenge the status quo in order to increase productivity, profitability, improve and grow.  

  3. Although it seems pretty vague to some managers or even leaders, a ‘culture of innovation’ can be assessed, designed and even transformed.

Consultancy services related to culture of innovation are pertinent for: Organization Leaders (Founders, and C-suite levels), the managers within organizations and CINO (Chief Innovation Officers). We provide our partners with the tools and methods to:

  1. Assess the current organizational culture of innovation and identify areas where desired changes need to be made. The process involves analyzing current work practices, interviewing employees and gathering data to create a comprehensive understanding of the current cultural state of the organization.

  2. Design a tailored organizational plan to form the infrastructures for the desired culture. The plan may include designing processes and routines, integrating workshops and training sessions, and identifying key areas for improvement. Such processes may include: establishing a shared vision, fostering a safe environment, providing resources, encouraging collaboration and partnerships, celebrating successes, and leading by example.

02 Measuring and Assessing Innovation & Quality
  1. Our mission is to help organizations fostering a culture of 'excellence, continuous growth, and improvement' by exploiting their quality and innovation full potential.

  2. The first step is to provide such organizations with a comprehensive assessment of both their quality and innovation levels, based on the latest international standards of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 56002:2019. Both standards cover the following aspects: context of the organization, leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation, improvement.

  3. By conducting professional audits and internal learning surveys, our partnering organizations could benefit with important insights, such as: measuring and evaluating the maturity levels of both their QMS (quality management system) and IMS (innovation management system); assessing the effectiveness of their quality and innovation strategies, portfolio and supporting processes.

  4. Based on these insights, we could assist our partners with: identifying opportunities for growth and implementing strategies that will drive long-term success; as well as designing and executing a corrective action plan and boost their innovation and quality levels, by assimilating state of the art policies, practices, and methods, that are tailored to their needs and their organizational DNA.

Our services include:

  1. Organizational assessment, maturity level evaluation and gap analysis audits to meet both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 56002:2019 of innovation and quality international standards, respectively.

  2. Designing an IMS and QMS organizational mechanisms that covers the ISO requirements.

  3. Conducting internal audits according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 56002:2019 to evaluating the organizational IMS and QMS effectiveness levels, and designing a corrective action plan, aimed at eliminating and prevent quality and innovation gap and their recurrence.

  4. Preparing organizations for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 56002:2019 certification process.

Workshops Trainings and Certifications 03


  1. Our vision is to establish the 'national college for innovation, intrapreneurship and transformation'. We are spending time and effort to create original and valuable training programs, certifications, and workshops that create uniqueness, attractiveness and relevance. 

  2. Our programs are led by experienced professionals who have a proven track record of success in their respective fields, and who are committed to helping our partners achieve their goals. Ultimately, our training programs will empower our partners to become agents of change within their organizations, and to drive innovation and transformation within their industries or business.

  3. ​​We offer our partners (both organizations and individuals) a variety of programs tailored to their specific needs. Our training programs are developed to offer the knowledge, the state of the art practices and tools, the capabilities, and the advantages necessary to succeed in the quickly evolving business environment of today. As we move through the training process, the trainees will also get the opportunity to apply both the theoretical and practical frameworks they have acquired to their real-world problems.


Our programs covers a wide range of topics:

1) Creative & systematic thinking, and design sprint workshops

2) Systematic entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship trainings

3) Management for innovation and transformation

3) Innovation leadership and practical tools for managers

4) CINO (chief innovation officer) training and certification

5) Design & assimilate a culture of innovation, workshop

6) ISO 56002:2019 standard, certification for internal audits

7) Design your organizational sustainable IMS, workshop

Operating  venture hacking & acceleration platforms  04


  1. A 'Hackathon' is a gathering where people come together to work together to solve a particular problem or challenge. The event is often time-limited, lasting anything from a few hours to a few days, and involves teams of participants working together to come up with creative solutions to the issue at hand. Hackathons offer organizations with a structured environment for creativity and teamwork. They can be used to motivate employees to think creatively, take calculated risks, and come up with fresh concepts and ideas that can then be developed into workable products or services.

  2. An accelerator program is acknowledged as one of the most potent and successful platforms to foster a bottom-up culture of innovation when used within organizations. A platform like this is designed to support and hasten the growth of new entrepreneurial ventures from their beginnings to their mature, risk-reduced, ready-for-launch project phase. Its goal is to give entrepreneurial methodologies, supporting infrastructures, resources, mentorship, and finance to intrapreneurs who have creative ideas and want to develop them into valuable products or services for the benefit of the organization they are a part of.

  3. By providing organizations with such platforms for employees to work together and share their ideas, they can also help to identify and develop new talents within the organization, as employees who excel in hackathons and accelerator programs may have the potential to become systematic intrapreneurs and bottom-up change agents.

  4. We provide our partnering organizations and corporations with a comprehensive service for designing, building, and operating internal ‘hackathon’ and ‘accelerator’ programs that are tailored to their particular requirements and organizational DNA. Our services are designed to be flexible and scalable, so we can work with organizations of all sizes and industries.

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